rhody lake in the santiam forest


     We've been wanting to go back to the High Lakes area in the Santiam State Forest ever since we went last winter and couldn't get to the lakes because of snow.  So Sunday we set out for a day in the forest.  We drove for about 8 miles, I think, on this narrow gravel road that got narrower and rockier the further we went.  We did eventually come to Rhody Lake, but about a mile past that, only .5 miles from Butte Lakes, we met a big pile of snow on the road and couldn't get any further. 

     When we finally got out of the car, Thor drew his map in the dirt of the windy "eternal" road we took from our house to get to what he called "supernature." 

The beautiful Rhody Lake. 

      It's so annoying when your mom won't let you stand on the edge of a rock right next to a big drop off and waterfall. 

 The top of the waterfall. 

    One foot on a rock and one hand hanging onto a branch with camera in the other, I was able to get a few shots of the waterfall, but nothing that conveys how absolutely gorgeous or tall it was. 

 The boys and their salamander.

 Yup, snow. 

 Rhododendron like these were in bloom everywhere throughout the forest.

My favorite photo of the day.  My growing boy amidst the trees, discovering and enjoying nature.
by mlekoshi