clackamas river



Those who read this know that Sunday is our family get-out-in-nature day.  I live for Sundays because it means time with my family and time in nature.  Husband and I used to go to the beach for a few hours or hiking trails in the Gorge in the middle of the week - before the boy was born.  When he was an infant we'd take him to Multnomah Falls, the Oregon Coast, and Eagle Creek.  But once he got bigger our favorite place to go was the Clackamas River.  He used to love to collect and throw rocks.  There were a couple of favorite spots we'd go and we decided last Sunday to return to one of them.  It was perfect.  We hoped to go to our favorite campground, Indian Henry, to walk the creek, but it was closed due to the heavy rains this spring and the possible danger of trees falling over.  

The Clackamas River was somewhere I'd never been before I met Husband.  If you've never been, definitely go - you will not be disappointed.  The river itself is an amazing color (also a big rafting/kayaking area), and the forest surrounding it is breathtaking.
by mlekoshi