Each morning I awaken around 5.  I drift in and out of sleep until I eventually begin to listen for sounds of stirring from the bedroom across the hall; the creak of the bed and little feet on the floor.  This happens every morning almost invariably at 7 o'clock.  I move over to the side of the bed and pull back the covers.  T climbs in, eyes still closed, and puts his arm around his Papa and his legs over mine.  I brush aside his hair, lay my face against his soft little cheek, and whisper "I love you" into his ear.  

After while, I slip out of bed and tiptoe down the hall to the kitchen.  I put the teapot on the stove and stand for a moment under the glow of the string of lights above the cupboards.  I relish the early morning silence, the newness of the day.  I get flashes of a dream, but I can't remember more.  A very golden sun is just starting to hit a small patch of the back yard, and I walk outside to look at the sparkling frost on the grass until the whistling teapot calls me back inside to make the coffee.  As it steeps, I pull open the front curtains.  My car shimmers in its frosty coat.  Little Bit, the neighbors' cat, gingerly walks across the fence.  All else is quiet and still.  

I tiptoe back to the bedroom with two cups of steaming coffee, and my husband says a sleepy "good morning" as I set his down.  I gently slip back into bed, pull up the covers, and feel my boy's hand take mine.  

I smile.



After a stop at Rosie's Mountain Coffee House in Mill City yesterday morning, we drove the dark and winding road up the mountain through the thick trees and mist to Breitenbush River.  We found this particular spot last May (see this post) after checking out the hot springs.  We did a little bow and arrow practice, looked for pretty rocks, walked the fallen trees, listened to the magical song of the river, and gathered little bits of nature lying on the banks of the river.  Oregon, you are a wonderland.

sea through the trees


If we are not out in the woods on the weekend, we are probably at the coast.  Even better?  Being in the woods at the coast and looking at the sea through the trees.  

A few phone snaps, the top three from yesterday and the rest from last Sunday.  Have a great week!

p. 2


p. 2 : a snowfall away (iPhone photos).

a snowfall away


We weren't expecting it, but we found snow Saturday.  For the third year in a row we drove up to a camp in the mountains to hike, fish, take pictures, and to bask in the silence and beauty of the wild.  A magical dusting of snow was starting to fall just as we got there.  The sun peeked through once, ever so briefly, and then it began to snow again.  In this place we always feel alone, away, and I love that feeling.  Just us, the trees, and the wild things that scurry through the underbrush or swim in the lake. 
by mlekoshi