forget-me-not friday


I miss these grandmas ~ Lillian on the left and Mabel on the right.  (I'm not sure which little one is me and which one is Lisa, honestly.)  I remember all the fun trips to Grandma Lillian's mobile home park in California, how active she was and how she took care of all her friends, her buttermilk "dollar" pancakes and how she would sneak vegetarian "meat" into grandpa's meals in place of real meat, her quiet sweet demeanor, the trips to Disneyland in her black and white VW bus, and the many homemade outfits and knitted slippers given to us.  And I remember Grandma Mabel's beautiful quilts for all her children and grandchildren, her big garden, her arms and hands, her silky flowered dresses and ankle socks, her quiet way, how her devoted little dog Queenie followed her everywhere, how much she loved my dad (#8 of 11 children) and how much she was loved back.  ♥




We spent another day last weekend working on the blueberry farm.  We so look forward to this outdoor work together and spending time with my husband's aunt.  It's such a special place to my husband who spent a lot of time here as a young boy, and to his whole family who all love this place, too.  We pruned bushes until our hands ached and then were treated to homemade pumpkin pie.  We got to explore some in the old barn built in 1903, which is always thrilling but also makes me feel like we are intruding or stepping into a sacred place, now silent but so alive with memories.  I always want to sit inside, still, and just listen.  But not for long, because while there we're making new memories, our experiences intertwining with those from decades long gone. 

nowhere : our somewhere


McDowell Creek Falls Park in Lebanon, Oregon.  What a beautiful place, new to us.  Steep trail, gurgling stream, gentle waterfalls, thick forest, and all kinds of moss and lichen.  We picnicked at the top of a waterfall, counted rings on felled trees, raced across bridges, and softly peeked under piles of leaves.  We felt in the middle of nowhere but somewhere we so wanted to be. 

forget-me-not friday


Our boy, 2008.  Cannon Beach, Oregon. 



Our Sunday walk by the North Santiam River.   

We are never far from the lilt and swirl of living water. Whether to fish or swim or paddle, or only to stand and gaze, to glance as we cross a bridge, all of us are drawn to rivers, all of us happily submit to their spell. We need their familiar mystery. We need their fluent lives interflowing with our own. — (John Daniel, Oregon Rivers)

low key and tea


Another weekend has passed.  A low key and restful weekend.  Husband is just getting over an illness and I seem to be just coming down with it.  I did a lot of green tea drinking, food documentary watching, and reading.  Somewhere in there we did get in a couple of nice walks outside together.  Saturday we didn't go too far, just a bit north of Salem to this park where we could do an easy walk along the Willamette River and get some fresh air into our lungs.  Thor helped me collect little things for our nature table, then raced Papa down the trail.  So far he's well, and here's to hoping he remains that way.  Happy Monday ~ have a great week!
by mlekoshi