on the blueberry farm


 My husband's aunt lives on a Century Farm and grows blueberries.  We went Sunday to see her and how things are doing.  The blueberries look great, and she opened for picking this week.  There's still a few green ones, but most are juicy and dark.  I can't wait to go pick and bring some home.  As always, the farm was a wonderfully beautiful and very peaceful place to be.  Everything is in bloom and/or producing fruit.  Besides the blueberries, the massive grapevine was spilling over the arbor, the apple trees were loaded, and I spotted some figs on the fig tree.  My son swam in the pool that his father swam in as a kid with his siblings and cousins.  The sun shone on us bright and warm.  It's impossible not to feel the love for (and from) nature and history here. 
by mlekoshi