STOP littering!

People of Salem (people everywhere!), STOP littering!  Yesterday, out for my morning run, all I could see was the brilliance of the beautiful blue sky and the flaming red, orange, and yellow trees.  Today what struck me was how much litter I saw.  I just don't get it.  It's so easy NOT to litter. This evening I took my son out for a walk armed with a trash bag and gloves.  I had envisioned going down several streets in my neighborhood picking up litter.  I even pshaw-ed my son when he said we were going to need another trash bag.  We took a big loop, which does go by a school - probably the most littered area, and took the street straight back to our house...because I couldn't stuff anything more into our trash bag.  Ok, so, I know it was just Halloween, and we did pick up a lot of little candy wrappers, but we also picked up a donut box from Winco, multiple disposable coffee cups, a muffin tray from Costco, Styrofoam food containers, etc., etc....as well.  It wasn't like there was a big pile anywhere, these were just things here and there that added up to a lot of trash.  Let's have some pride in our neighborhood, our town, our state, and respect for nature and animals, others' spaces, and public spaces we all share....don't litter.