any time of year


Silver Falls State Park, July 12, 2016

It feels like "summer" weather has come in infrequent bursts - a couple of days here, a day there.  While fall and winter weather days are the kind I like most, I do truly love and appreciate the seasons and want to feel all of them.  Although I know a lot of people that do, I don't want it to be overcast year round; that's too much sameness.  I want to see how different things can look in different light, different temperatures, different states of growth, different colors, different textures.  I look forward to each turn and change in weather and landscape.  It changes how I see and feel things, and at a time I'm really ready for change.  My boys, however, would like it to be summer year round, so this has been a rather disappointing season so far for them.  We have been making time to get outdoors together more often, because no matter the weather, those are the kind of days we love the most, any time of year.
by mlekoshi