Wishing you all a very happy new year!  In 2014, take time to notice the little things.  Slow down.  Love more.  Be more open.  Give more.  Learn more.  Teach more.  Listen more.  If you have a child, try to make this the most magical and best year of their life so far, and show them how they can make it a better year for others.  Don't forget who you are ~ the things you used to love, the places you want to see (near or far), the books you want to read, the sport you've always wanted to try, the class you've always wanted to take, the furniture you've always wanted to build (just me?).  Go outside more.  Breathe in air scented with pine or plumeria or salt as often as you can.  Get your toes cold in the snow or hot in the sand as often as you can.  Adventure with your family.  Tell them you love them often; show them you love them often.  Be gracious, be kind.  Be grateful.  Be love.  Be you.

Thank you for being here.  See you in 2014!  ♥

the little things


Much-needed nature time yesterday.  We drove up 22 to Rosie's for coffee and then went for a walk around wetlands and beaver ponds along the North Santiam at Lyons.  We've been there several times, and each time I am enchanted completely by the reflective ponds, the beaver dams, the sound and the silver-blue of the river, the leaves of many colors...and all the little things laying on the ground, growing on the side of a tree, gently floating on the surface of the water, or clinging to an otherwise bare branch.  The boy always runs the trail with a stick sword in his hand, laughing and chasing his dad; but eventually even he can't resist the little things.

Christmas Day after opening gifts we drove out to Silver Falls and Silverton Reservoir.  It was so cold, so beautiful.  The water was teal and still.  Fog cocooned the surrounding trees.  The sun eventually broke through, and everything seemed to burst into vibrant color for a moment.  These gifts were free; all we had to do was find them.   
by mlekoshi