slow sunday


Sunday, after running a few errands (pants for Thor - if they haven't become highwaters, they have holes in both knees...), we took an unfamiliar road out of town to see where it went and ultimately ended up in Mill City.  A pretty heavy rain was happening, so we stopped at the little pizza joint in town.  We drove by the little red house I love on the banks of the Santiam, walked across the old railroad bridge, and then went home.  A slow Sunday without a plan that turned out just right.

once upon a time...


Saturday.  Butte Creek Falls and trail.  Mist hanging low in the trees.  Walking through streams.  Beautiful lichen and moss.  The smell of damp earth.  The songs of the waterfalls.  Slugs and snails.  Mushrooms, so many to learn about.  My boys and I shooting bows and arrows.  It felt like we were in a fairy tale. 



A trail through Silver Falls last weekend ~ where yellow leaves still cling to branches, brown leaves crunch underfoot, mushrooms of all kinds seem to appear everywhere, moss drips tiny silvery orbs, sunlight illuminates and outlines everything in gold, and a spritely magic whispers through the trees.   

wilhoit wild



Last Sunday after stopping at the produce stand, we decided to go exploring down a road we'd never been on.  (We love to do that.)  After a few turns and on a dead-end road, we found ourselves here, Wilhoit Springs, in Clackamas County.  There was a hydropathic spa and resort here from the 1870s to 1928.  Read about it here.  It sounds like it was a pretty interesting place.  No structures remain, but the land is absolutely gorgeous.  We followed a vague trail until it disappeared and then trekked back into the woods through mud, ferns, and firs as golden leaves fell through filtered sunbeams all around us.  Quite magical and wild, it was, with the sense of a lingering past.  
by mlekoshi