christmas travels


{a favorite gift from my little boy}

Thank you to my big sister, Vicky, (and her family) who always makes us feel so welcome and so loved, for a warm and wonderful Christmas at your house.  We could not love you more ♥...


Wishing you all much continued happiness, good food, and cozy family togetherness these last few days of the year.  See you again soon!

Some random pictures...



Silver Falls Christmas Festival a couple of weekends ago with my boys.  A beautiful drive through the forest, gingerbread house and wreath making, log cabins with strings of lights and woodsy garlands, stone fireplaces, and hot apple cider in cold wintry weather ~ these are a few of my favorite things.  Add dinner out later to Thor's favorite fancy restaurant to celebrate Papa's new job (where certain someones engaged in inappropriate but clearly very funny boy talk at the table), and you have one very good December day.  

unexpected enchantment


Those little spaces on the side of the road just big enough to park your car?  Sometimes there are views so beautiful you can't move, and soft mossy passages into the trees that take you to enchanted places in the forest.



Last weekend at the Oregon coast.
by mlekoshi