Saturday at the Oregon coast.  Rainy, windy, wonderful.

vertical garden


I've been starting to think about planting things but trying to come up with some different ideas for the yard.  We put in 2 garden boxes last year, which were great, but keeping the neighbor's cat out of them was an ongoing problem.  Established starts did fine, but any area where I had seeds planted had to be carefully protected.  It was frustrating to see so many little sprouts turned over and destroyed.  I love the idea of vertical gardens and for a few years have wanted to try it on the back yard fence for lighter things like herbs and leaf lettuce.  I noticed the above picture (found here) when I was looking for articles, and I think this is a great idea, too - a garden tower.  Takes minimal space and looks great.

This vertical garden pictured above in South Korea (found here) is grown in gutters attached to the wall.  Brilliant. 

Vertical gardens can of course also be just be decorative, and I love the succulents pictured here on this Modern Cabana. (love the cabana, found here).

Has anyone tried this, either for growing herbs and veggies or to create a green wall?

It's a good morning in Salem.  Some snow fell overnight, the sky is blue, and the sun is shining brightly. 
by mlekoshi