We have strawberries!  I planted six plants this spring without expecting much from them.  I've never tried to grow them before and really had no idea how easy or difficult they would be.  Turns out they are super easy and are the only thing I planted that pests have left completely alone.  They're small but juicy.  And absolutely beautiful - did I mention that?  I doubt we'll get that many, but it's been exciting to see them form and turn red as the days have gotten warmer.  We'll savor the ones we do get.

    My favorite way to eat strawberries is just plain, in a bowl, sliced in half.  I'm not a big fan of fruit desserts (though I am unable to resist marionberry cobbler) and really love fruits in their natural unsweetened state. Thor's favorite way (at least right now, until the novelty wears off) is in milk, so I've made "strawberry milk" in the blender, which is actually really good and has little chunks of berries in it.

    Do you have a favorite way to eat strawberries or a good recipe using them? 
by mlekoshi