waiting for the hummingbirds

January 12, 2019 / Milton Freewater, Oregon

January has, well, not exactly flown by, but it has felt a bit like a gray blur.  I have been trying to learn to knit, which would feel like a huge accomplishment after years of trying and giving up.  I  feel incredibly lucky and grateful that an Instagram friend has offered to help talk me through things when I need it, and I am sure I will be taking her up on that in the not-too-distant future.  So far I have only made a few dishcloths, but I'm eyeing a hat pattern to tackle as a first real project.  I will become a knitter yet.  Maybe even before the hummingbirds come back.

The first week of the month I was under the weather and read four books one after the other.  The only one I really liked was Miquel Reina's Lights On the Sea.  (I also binged a few series on Netflix and Amazon these last few months.  I know it's unpopular to admit such a thing, but I am not at all above lots of quality screen time.  Can we talk shows in another post?  Do you have any recs?)  

We have been talking about making some house interior changes and drawing out yard/garden projects.  Nothing major, just some cosmetic things, and, oh, completely replacing all the back yard grass we have with garden beds.  Sounds drastic, but it is a very small strip of grass.  We have very limited space and it is more important to us to be growing vegetables and flowers than watering and mowing a lawn we don't really care about.  I miss walking out the back door to beds of herbs and kale and tomatoes.  I can't wait to have homegrown tomatoes at our fingertips again.  Lots of them.  Lots.

My husband has been working in Portland most of this week, so I have gotten a little more time with Thor.  Last night we went to see Green Book.  I love, love going to the movies with him, especially now that he's old enough to be interested in movies that aren't specifically made for kids and can watch something that is entertaining and makes him think.  He doesn't say much about anything right now, so I just try to be present with him.  I love him so much. 

We have been getting outside as much as we can, but some weekends other things seem to take over.  I have yet to try out the snowshoes that my nephew's wife loaned me, but I really am hoping to do that before the snow season is over.  The Washington/Oregon state line is  five to ten minutes from our house, and we are very lucky that we can be in the forest of the Blue Mountains in about 40 minutes.  Pictures above show a favorite hike on the South Fork Walla Walla River Trail a few weeks ago.  I have been remembering all the beautiful flowers that were there last spring and getting excited about the change of seasons.  

Daffodil and hyacinth greens are coming up at my folks' house.  Our clematis is loaded with buds.  The finches are back at our feeders. I'm just waiting for the hummingbirds.  Then I'll know we've turned a corner.



November 17, 2018 / Oregon

This is probably the most difficult trail we have ever done.  It doesn't really translate in these pictures, but after a certain point it was a pretty steep and rocky trip down with constant switchbacks.  It was really beautiful, but after while all I could think about was how hard it was going to be on the way back up.  And it was.  I felt muscle strain, winded, and just so out of shape, and I vowed to get myself back to daily exercise in the coming months.  

My Dad and I have been going to the Y to exercise during the week and I have started running again.  I never seem to stick with it long term, and I will probably never be a runner of races or overly concerned with my pace, but it does feel good to be back at it.  I am beginning to look forward to warmer mornings when I can just open the front door and go, sunshine on my shoulders.  Always ready for the next season.  


still & stillness

October 21, 2018 / Blue Mountains, Oregon

Well, it's been a while.  It seems I find myself saying words to that effect almost every time I post.  I simply lost the desire to take pictures and share anything here.  I thought maybe if I redesigned the look and logo of o notes into something more like what I see in the newer blogs out there I would feel that spark again ... but, ultimately, my simple un-fancy old design and homemade logo from way back just feel more like me still, so I'm going back to them.  We haven't wavered much from the kind of life we wanted to have and how to get there over the last nine years.  We are still finding magic in a slow life, though life is different now - different location, different ages, different daily rhythms and responsibilities.  So here we are.  The same, and different.

I found a few draft posts full of pictures I never shared, so I thought I would start with these, even though so much time has passed since they were taken.  We have found some beautiful trails in the Umatilla National Forest, less than an hour from our house.  This one had amazing views, and a wild yet gentle stillness.   A wonderful thing.

Until next time ~