Silver Falls State Park, March 11, 2023


Hello friends. After much thought, I've decided to end this little photo journal called o notes that has been a project of discovery, an ode to paying attention, and a map of what has resided within the orbit of my heart these past almost 13 years. I have absolutely loved chronicling the adventures of my little family, my thoughts, my wishes and intentions, my reverence for the natural world, and sharing things via watch/eat/read/listen posts, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for joining me here. My boy, who was only 5 in the very first post, is now on the verge of flying the nest, my husband and I are thinking about how and where we want to spend our golden years, and it just feels like an era is ending. While I don't know where things will lead us all, I do know that life has changed/will keep changing, and I feel that I am on something of a personally evolving path as well that I can't quite see the end of. So, this space will remain open for the time being, but I won't be posting here anymore.

There are some things I will continue to hold onto for as long as possible, but I'm ready to let other things go and find my way through what feels like an interlude.  

Again, thank you for walking with me through the woods all these years. Maybe we'll meet again soon.*

Much love, 


* It is quite possible I will begin anew with a similar project in the not-too distant future, and if and when I do I will send a note to subscribers with the new address in case you'd like to come along. xx

by mlekoshi