random reveries


I've been pretty lazy about posting lately, and I really haven't taken many pictures besides those on my phone.  These are in no particular order and are just a few of my favorite moments from the last week or two. 

past week pics


Our herbs are fading but the blossoms are beautiful.  I cut some mint, oregano, and rosemary for a kitchen bouquet. It smelled (still smells!)absolutely glorious.

Husband celebrated his 43rd this week.

Gelato last night at Napoleon's ~ always a treat, especially on these hot days.

I love little houses, and I've been driving by this one on River Rd. frequently.  So cute.  It looks empty but like someone is taking care of the property.  Amazing rose bush growing over the porch, apple trees and grapvines in the yard.  I wish I knew it's history.

Probably the last picking of herbs for the summer.

riverfront park(ed) cars


We took Thor and 3 of his cousins to Riverfront Park yesterday to go on the carousel and play and found that there was a classic car show going on.  I love old cars.  Not the be-flamed, tricked out, completely messed-with kind, but the ones that look just as they would have back in their day, with all their chrome and giant steering wheels and gorgeous emblems and grills and rounded corners...you get the idea.  There were both here, and something that we all really liked.  We all had fun picking out our favorites.  The kids got to color a classic car and then pick out a Hot Wheel, and also race model cars down a ramp to win another little car.  

As usual, I focused on the details, so I didn't get too many pictures of an entire car, but here are a few of my favorite details, and some of my favorite kids :)

a walk in the park


Last Saturday we met Husband's brother and his family in Silverton and went to Silver Falls State Park to hike part of The Trail of Ten Falls.  This is one of our favorite places, and it was made even better to have some family along with us.  It does seem like we're there much more often when it's cold for some reason, so it was nice to enjoy it on a beautiful warm summer day.  I love to see how our favorite natural areas change in color and texture and just feel different with the turn of seasons, and these gorgeous trails never disappoint, no matter what time of year it is.
by mlekoshi