this is now


I have kind of forgotten what blooms in this yard, it's been so many springs since I have been here to watch the ground and trees with anticipation of what's to come.  We've been able to clean much of the overgrowth out and start thinking about what we'd like to grow for food and where to put more beds, how we can bring back some of the flowers that used to be here, and where to put a clothesline, among other things.  My husband did make a little smoker with things he found around the yard (another little bit of the game).  There is still so much {so much} work to be done.  But this is now. 

valentine's day


I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day, or at least the marketing that seems to define what it should be for most people, but this year Valentine's Day felt really special.  In fact, it may be our new favorite "holiday."  It felt like a day just for us.  We woke up early as usual, made coffee - warm milk with nutmeg for Thor - and exchanged small gifts with each other.  Then we drove down to our old favorite beach at Otter Rock.  The sun was warm, shone brightly, and everything was in color once again.  It was like spring, a gift in itself.  No ridiculous jewelry, no expensive shows of "love."  Simple, honest, easy, without pretense.  Just us, together, happy, in a place we love.  I would wish for nothing more.     

My sister and brother-in-law visited us this past weekend and it was so nice to have them here.  We hung out at home for the most part, but while my brother-in-law had conferences to attend Saturday the rest of us drove up the Clackamas River for a bit of outside time.  Picture taking, stone skipping, stick whittling, rock hunting, and cairn building commenced.  Soon the rains came and we headed back home to the woodstove, books, blankets, conversation, and a delicious meal made by my wonderful husband.  It's amazing how guests can make your house feel so much more warm and cozy, and wonderful when those guests are family who love and support you and you love and support right back.  
by mlekoshi