sowing the seeds


At the end of March, Thor and I went to see my folks in California, as we do every spring break.  It was magical and warm and full of love and light.  I can't express how wonderful it is to see and spend time with my parents after six or seven months, to go for early morning desert walks, to swim in the mineral pools, and to feel relaxed and warm to the bone under the California sun.  I didn't take many pictures this trip, but I may have just a few to share sometime.

Our first weekend back, we drove out to Metzler Park just south of Estacada for a short hike.  Spring was saying hello everywhere we looked.  I'm so ready for flowers and vegetable gardens and warm sunshine and long evenings, but also a sense of renewal.   Although fall and winter are my seasons, spring always feels like a time when you can turn the page, make positive changes, see things in a different light, and you know good things will come your way.  Here's to sowing seeds of goodness ~ in the ground and in your heart.
by mlekoshi