welcome, autumn


Clackamas River Trail, 09.18.2016

This morning marked the autumnal equinox, the balance between light and dark, the passing into a new cycle.  Our gardens are dying down.  Things are going into a period of dormancy.  We have a long stretch until we reach winter solstice on December 21st.  This is my favorite span of time every year.  Though there is a certain so-called dormancy, to me this is the time to be out in the woods, to experience wild places.  The forest feels more alive and full of magic than any other time of year in these dark, wet months, and in the winter months beyond.  I'm looking forward.

Welcome, autumn.

old friends


Yesterday we visited our old friends, the Clackamas River and the beautiful forest that surrounds her.  We are on the cusp of my favorite time of year. The rain is returning, the leaves are turning, and the woods are definitely calling. 

Mist and fog wrapped the treetops in their magical cocoon, raindrops sparkled on our windshield, and golden leaves slowly fell to the rain-soaked ground on our drive.  I'm so happy these kinds of days are here again; cool and rainy days spent with my family in the wild of our beautiful little bit of Oregon.  I felt the rain, the fog, the damp leaves, the sound of the river, the scent of the trees - all of it - soak into my very soul.

Did you get out this weekend?  Thor had his cousin stay over Friday night, and that was so much fun.  We all went out for a glimpse of the harvest moon that night before bed.  The next day it poured and I went to roam an antique marketplace nearby.  It was such a welcome and perfect kind of rainy day.  I could spend hours in places like that, mingling with the ghosts of the past.  We built a fire in the woodstove that night, ordered pizza, and watched Netflix until we couldn't stay up any longer (ahem, 9 p.m.).  

Speaking of Thor, my husband and I are really so proud of how well he has handled the added responsibilities and big changes of middle school so far.   Outdoor school is coming up next month, and though he is not especially looking forward to it right now, I think he will love it.  He's also talking about doing track at school.  He is trying to run the track at recess on his own every day, a surprising but awesome development in the boy who wants nothing to do with sports (which, really, we are quite okay with)!  

I hope you have a great week, and that you notice and enjoy all the seasonal changes happening around you.  I have more pictures for later this week from yesterday - see you again then.  ♥
by mlekoshi