eastward sunday




While in California, I asked my mom if she would teach me to crochet. She's been making baby blankets/afghans for Project Linus for three years, an organization that has volunteers across the country make blankets and afghans for children who are "ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need."  I thought crocheting would be something I would greatly enjoy, and I do, and I love being able to contribute to this project .  It took me a couple of frustrated days and botched pot-holders (thankfully, she was very patient with me!), but I completed my first blanket last night! 

c notes


{This dove egg fell out of it's nest onto these rocks - and somehow didn't break - in front of my parent's house.}

{My dad's loaded grapefruit tree.  Breakfast picked here daily.}

I recently got to spend a week in the California desert where my parents stay in the winter.  The landscape, so different than here in the Pacific Northwest, is endlessly fascinating.  So many details to take note of.  Everything seems to be in brilliant, vibrant color, somehow even the grays and browns. 

high lakes/abiqua creek


We had a great day Sunday exploring the High Lakes area and Abiqua Creek.   I'm interested to see what High Lakes is like after the snow melts and we can get further in.  There are three lakes and supposedly you can camp around them.  Abiqua Creek is beautiful, between Salem and Silverton. 

chuck's gas station


This is in Scotts Mills, Oregon.  I don't know what it is about old gas stations, but I love them. 



Scenes from a winter day's wanderings.

We've been so happy to see so many birds in our back yard this winter.  It seems like last year and the year prior we didn't see a whole lot.  Our yard is pretty devoid of anything they could be interested in right now except worms.  Great flocks of Starlings come every morning and settle in the lawn to feast, but the Bluebirds have become a regular sight as well.  I couldn't get too close so the pictures are pretty blurry, but these beautiful male Western Bluebirds were on the fence this morning.  

I love the gray and yellow bird in the bottom photo.  I've tried finding out what it is in my bird book and online, and I can't find anything that looks exactly like this.  The closest thing I can find is a Yellow Rumped Warbler, though the marking around the eye isn't quite the same.  I've asked my nephew/bird expert for his opinion, so we'll see what he says.  

Maybe I'll have to put out a feeder and/or bird bath so they'll stick around...
by mlekoshi