little red house love


I saw this house yesterday and fell so deep in love.  I love it's forest setting, it's long front porch, it's windows... everything.  If only I could have seen the inside.  And what you can't see is that right behind it runs a gorgeous teal ribbon of Santiam River.  Sigh.

salem sunsets


Yes, I'm going there:  sunsets.  A good sunset makes me almost as happy as a golden full moon that looks so close I may be able to reach out and touch it.  Ok, so these aren't filling the entire sky with brilliant color, but I think their reserve in keeping the brilliance focused close to home is perfection. 

like vegenaise?


I was looking for a homemade vegan mayonnaise recipe online a couple of days ago and found this great recipe on a blog called Vegan Epicurean that is supposed to taste a lot like Vegenaise, which I love.  I thought I'd try it since it looked pretty simple and I only had to pick up a couple of items to make it.  I just made some this evening and it's quite good.  I did change the recipe some, using more dry mustard and lemon juice than called for, sea salt instead of kosher, and then adding a little bit of Nature's Seasons seasoning blend.  I had some for dinner on the above rosemary bread with roasted veggies - yum.  Definitely will make this again. 



Wonderful hints of spring at The Oregon Garden in Silverton.



Reed Opera House, Salem.

by mlekoshi