state fair!


We went to the Oregon State Fair last Sunday.  We got there fairly early and hit the rides before there were any lines, ate the biggest snow cones we've ever seen, and wandered through the forestry section and the animal barns.  We loved it.  I think the little piglets were a favorite of Thor's, besides the rides, of course.  It was cool to see him with Smokey the Bear, as my sister and I absolutely adored Smokey when we were little. I know there's a lot we didn't see, but after 4 hours we headed home.  Thor is already talking about going to next year's fair and all the fun and food we'll have!

dehydrating apples with cinnamon


I raided my sister-in-law's apple tree last week and brought home an overflowing bucketful.  I wanted to dry a bunch of them for our weekend hikes and for my son's school lunches.  I did one batch over the weekend, and a second batch is now drying in the trusty Excalibur dehydrator I inherited from my mom several years ago.

in the garden with dad


I visited family in Walla Walla last weekend, and Sunday morning before I left to return home, my Dad took me out to the garden he shares with my big sister at her place.  These are a few of the things we picked, some that are still ripening on the vine, and some creatures who also enjoy the garden as much as we do.  

depoe bay/otter rock/newport


I didn't think there was anywhere I would like more than the Seaside/Cannon Beach area, where our little house was - our often weekday/weekend getaway.  But now that we live in Salem, the more we've visited the Depoe Bay/Otter Rock/Newport area, the more I am completely smitten with it.  

minto brown island park



I've been by the turnoff many times but had never actually gone to Minto Brown Island Park and Wildlife Refuge until about a week ago.  It was a hot day and the tree-canopied shaded walking paths were most welcome.  I took along my binoculars and bird book as I've read it's a great place to bird watch.  Turns out, it's a great place to bird listen, at least on that day.  Unfortunately, I didn't actually see very many, but their songs were loud and plentiful the day we were there!

There are so many, so many blackberries along the path.  Thor was picking and eating the entire time.  We laid out our blanket and had apples and granola bars probably about halfway through the loop, which I believe is about 5-6 miles.  It was a peaceful, open, sunny spot where no other people were, next to shallow water where Thor watched tadpoles for quite some time.  Made me remember watching tadpoles with my dad when I was a kid.  Happiness.

The last picture...people... STOP littering.  Show some love and respect to natural areas and the wildlife that lives here.  To all areas. 

beverly beach, oregon


Last Monday we were lucky enough to go to Beverly Beach, just past Otter Rock, a most favorite Oregon Coast destination, for a family get together. Here are just a few pictures from our trip there through the Van Duzer Scenic Corridor, and fun with family on the beach.
by mlekoshi