santiam sunday


Another Sunday, another day to explore.  We don't usually have a plan of where to go on Sunday, we just pick a direction and start driving.  We take off on side roads to see where they will lead us. This is where they led us yesterday.

I'm really looking forward to the weekend.  Relaxation.  Getting outside.  And although I don't think it's very likely, I'm hoping to see more of the sun.  I've actually been enjoying the misty, foggy days we've been having - especially those we've been lucky enough to spend at the coast or in the forest - but when I do see the sun, I realize how much I miss it.  

I work from home, and the desk to which I'm shackled for hours every day looks out a window into our back yard.  We have a plan to transform the back yard this spring, making it part raised garden beds, with some space saved for a patio-like area in the middle - in my dreams with room for small low benches and a fire pit - and the rest with a little bit of grass/gravel and as much lavender as I can fit in. 

I know we've got a lot of winter yet, but every day I  see the sun I'm grateful, and dreaming of the sunny days soon to come, feeling the warmth, and getting my hands in the dirt.

Photo taken yesterday morning in our sunny front yard.

morning sun


Last weekend I went to Walla Walla for a family get-together.  My sister's house, where I stayed, is in a beautiful spot.  When I got up Saturday, it was to frost and golden sunlight.  I put on a hoodie over my nightgown, laced up my trail runners, and walked out to the pond behind her house.  These pictures are from my phone and don't to it justice, but it was an absolutely stunningly beautiful morning.  

snow found


We decided to go find some snow on New Year's Day.  The little boy of the house has been so disappointed every time he hears it might snow, or hears it has snowed in Portland, and it hasn't snowed here in Salem.  It   didn't take long to hit snow once we headed east on 22, and we stopped at Detroit Lake.  Thor got soaked and was a little icicle by the time we put him back in the car for the trip home, heater blasting.  We're going to snowshoe next time so we can explore more.  It's wonderful to live in such a beautiful place - I love Oregon!
by mlekoshi