nineteen/twenty : may


Our weekend was busy but relaxing, consisting of cannoli and florentines at The Little Cannoli Bakery at the Reed Opera House, wandering through the antiques at Engelberg Antiks (thank you, Husband!), two birthday parties for Thor (one with face paint, one with a bouncy house and swimming - pure bliss for T), and running trails and fishing at Minto Brown.  Last night brought rain that's supposed to stay all week, so I'm really happy we got some outside time in together before it began.




My sister Lisa came to visit last weekend, so Friday Thor, Husband, and I all played hooky and took her to the beach.  It was beautiful - a bit windy and cold in the morning, but after walking around a bit and eating at Mo's, it was just right to suit up and do a little boogie boarding.  I miss my twin.  I wish she were here all the time to go with us on our little adventures! 

silver falls rim trail


Silver Falls State Park yesterday.  Cold but invigorating.  Wet and muddy but magical.

o poe


I've got quite the morbid streak, love Poe, love a good period film, love John Cusack...and therefore am quite looking forward to this: 

backyard tent days


It's cold today.  Gray.  Dark.  Raining off and on.  Sitting at my desk trying to focus on work, all I can do is look past my computer monitor through the window into the back yard, remembering this day last summer when I dragged the tent out and set it up.  The day was blissfully very warm but not too hot.  Thor and I put cozy sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows inside.  We slept in it that night and it was wonderful - the smell of a summer night, the sounds of crickets, and looking at the clear and starry summer sky through the top until we fell asleep. 
by mlekoshi