Silver Falls State Park on a golden, icy, gorgeous day weekend before last.  We miss Silverton and Silver Falls being as close to us as it was at one time, but it is definitely worth the drive to get there from Portland.  It's a place of such peace and light to us.

I spent considerable time reading the news online this morning as my work was slow, and my heart feels so heavy from all the hate, sadness, and fear out there.  Such incivility in our "civilized" world.  The other day in the car as we were coming home from school Thor said, "You know, Mom, I really hope Donald Trump does not become our President.  He is just mean and would make everything worse.  We might have to move to Canada."  I love my boy, and I love that he has thought about it and formed this opinion.  At first it amused me, but then it sort of began to hurt.  It hurts that he sees and is becoming cognizant of the ugliness that is going on in the world.  

Darkness, sadness, and fear is alive and well out there for many people, for many reasons, in every place.  How can we make people feel more loved, more accepted, more appreciated, more understood?  How can we make the world a brighter place?  Not by choosing to let fear take over our hearts, not by thinking we are better than others, not by propagating hate. 

Be a light.
by mlekoshi