We visited my husband's aunt Saturday at her beautiful Century Farm.  It was so good to see her, have a nice lunch together, and take a walk around.  Though my husband has been out to visit over the winter, it had been a few months since I had seen her.  She always makes us feel so welcome; I hope she knows and feels how much we love and appreciate her.

The sky was an almost impossible blue.  The oaks - I just never get over them.  There's one I call The Mother Tree because it somehow seems feminine, motherly, reaching out with her beautiful massive arms.  I close my eyes and wrap my little arms around her trunk every time we are there and feel her strength, her history.  Despite the sun, it still feels like winter - the pool was frozen over - but daffodil shoots are up and other shrubs are budding out.  I can feel the shift starting to occur.  The promise of another spring is palpable.  The cycle continues.
by mlekoshi