I fear sometimes that I paint an unrealistically rosy picture for you, and I have read so many posts lately about being "real" when blogging that I felt compelled to write this post.  

You may have noticed that I am a woman of few words; this is true in person as well.  I am not a person who finds it easy to share things, and I am uncomfortable sharing too much that is personal here at o notes.  This is a place where I choose to share little slices of life that bring me joy.  However, I certainly do not mean to give the impression that our life is one magical trail through the woods after another.  We push through struggles like everybody does.  I simply choose to keep those things close to me.

I can tell you, however, that there are many days I feel like an absolute failure as a parent.  On a daily basis I struggle with my sense of self-worth and self-confidence, as I always have.  I worry to biblical proportions about the happiness and well-being of family members.  I feel things too much and over-think everythingAnd of course there are the realities of daily living, and the worries and obstacles and sadness that we all face at times as adults.  

Sometimes I just want to let go of those things for a while and come here.  That is why I choose to make o notes a happy place.  While it may not be a complete picture of our life, it is a real picture of a part of our life.  

I truly admire and love reading the words of those that share the stories of their lives more freely; they let me know I'm not alone, and their strength gives me strength.  Perhaps in time I will feel so inclined to share more as well.  

But, for now, o notes is to remind me (and hopefully you, too) of the simple beauty and peace and adventure and love that is out there in the world, and that it can live in your heart and in your head with all those other things if you let it. 
by mlekoshi