Eleven years we have now been married.  We celebrated Saturday and Sunday with a trip to the coast.  Thanks to my husband's sister and her family who graciously took care of Thor, we were able to take our first over-night trip together sans child since he was born.  We stayed at the Ester Lee near Lincoln City in a cute little wood-paneled cottage with a fireplace and a view of the roiling sea.  We spent some time in Newport, having breakfast and then browsing books.  Of course, we stopped along the road many times to take in the view and feel the storm around us, including Yaquina Head Lighthouse.  
It all reminded us of our honeymoon, our first night spent in our little Seaside beach house in a storm, the days following traveling the coastline listening to Norah Jones, leisurely quiet meals, and actual uninterrupted conversations.  Eleven years later, I love him, our boy, and this life we have together more than I could have ever dreamt.  ♥ 
by mlekoshi