I'm so smitten with everything autumnal right now.  We went for a drive Sunday to see the colors in the trees and stopped by a little produce stand and picked up a few things - big orange pumpkins for Thor and Papa, my favorite little white "ghost pumpkins", and some squash for eating.  Isn't squash one of the best things about fall?  I'm trying to decide on some recipes.  

Speaking of recipes, I've tried some really good ones recently.  A favorite is Smitten Kitchen's Baked Potato Soup, which you can find here.  I used McKay's vegetarian "chicken" seasoning to make broth, left the skins on the potatoes (from Dad's garden), and instead of leeks I used an onion.  Other than that, I stuck to the recipe.  An entire head of garlic is used, probably why I love this soup so much, and that in combination with the onion makes for a very aromatic, very delicious soup.  (Beware - you, too, will be aromatic after consuming said soup.)  I had some Dubliner Irish cheddar from Trader Joe's that I grated over the top, but that's it for toppings.  Simple, and so, so good.    What's your favorite fall recipe?
by mlekoshi