forget-me-not friday


I miss these grandmas ~ Lillian on the left and Mabel on the right.  (I'm not sure which little one is me and which one is Lisa, honestly.)  I remember all the fun trips to Grandma Lillian's mobile home park in California, how active she was and how she took care of all her friends, her buttermilk "dollar" pancakes and how she would sneak vegetarian "meat" into grandpa's meals in place of real meat, her quiet sweet demeanor, the trips to Disneyland in her black and white VW bus, and the many homemade outfits and knitted slippers given to us.  And I remember Grandma Mabel's beautiful quilts for all her children and grandchildren, her big garden, her arms and hands, her silky flowered dresses and ankle socks, her quiet way, how her devoted little dog Queenie followed her everywhere, how much she loved my dad (#8 of 11 children) and how much she was loved back.  ♥

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  1. How I miss these two Grandmas as well. Grandma Lillian was my Mother, and she adored both Lisa and Lori. I never got to meet my own Grandmas, but I did have a step Grandma Etta, who had had a stroke and had a crippled left arm. It didn't stop her. She could make the best biscuits and pies, and all the rest. The first time I met her she told me to call her Grandma. This picture just makes me want to hug both the Grandmas in it, and someday soon I will, when Jesus comes again. Love ya Lori for posting this precious picture.... Momxoxoxoxoxox


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