Last week seemed to drag by.  I felt a little blue and low energy.  The weekend finally came and we were able to go visit my husband's aunt and do some work on the farm again, getting lots of fresh air and soaking up all the goodness that is early March and the inevitable signs of spring starting to appear.  Saturday night three of Thor's cousins came over while their parents went on a date ~ the house came alive with laughter and play and it was an evening we all enjoyed.  Sunday was gloriously sunny and even warm(ish) all day.  We put in a new fire pit in the back yard (but were too tired at the end of the day to use it!), put fresh dirt in our biggest garden box, mowed the lawn, pulled weeds, and took care of odds and ends around the house.  Last evening we took a scenic drive just outside of town as the sun was starting to set.  

Today is sunny and so is my outlook.  I'm feeling energized from a weekend of work, rest, and quality time with my boys, looking forward to whatever this week brings.  Have a great one!  I hope the sun shines on you, too.
by mlekoshi