taking the side road



We took a day trip to Sisters yesterday, what turned out to be a perfect day to drive over the mountains.  In Sisters, we walked around a bit, checked out the local realty listings, and had a nice lunch.  

On the way home, we decided to check out some side roads and found a beautiful lake - Suttle Lake - surrounded by pines of the Deschutes National Forest.  We must have driven by the sign to Suttle Lake many times, never taking much notice.  We ended up staying for a couple of hours - fishing, taking pictures, and exploring around the little cabins.  Thor couldn't get enough of watching the little waves roll onto shore.  We're so smitten, we're thinking of forgetting about trying to go to Hawaii and instead just staying in a cabin here for a week.  There's also a lodge in addition to the cabins (some with and some without running water), and a campground around the other side of the lake (still closed for the season so we couldn't check out the sites, but I think a campsite or a tiny cabin would be most fun!).  We could bring our kayaks, fishing poles, cameras, hiking shoes, and marshmallows.  

A sunny spring afternoon here was indeed magical, but a warm summer week here in the woods with my boys would be absolutely heavenly.  
by mlekoshi