joshua tree


At the end of March, Thor and I took our yearly trip down to California to meet my sister and see my folks.  We spent an afternoon visiting beautiful Joshua Tree National Park.

{I'd love to learn about photography...does anyone in the Salem area know of a good local beginner's photography class?}


  1. Dude, you don't need a 'beginners' photography class! Some classes would be fun and valuable, but you have a great eye and that is more than half the battle!

  2. Thank you - that is great to hear! I love the compose-the-shot part, but I don't know anything about cameras, can barely operate my point & shoot, and am often frustrated at results I get because I don't know about the technical side.

  3. I agree your photos are stunning and anything but beginners. Beginners is for people like me that need to remember to remove lens caps or move our thumbs out of the shot.

  4. Thank you, Jenny! (I just got one the other day with my thumb in the shot...:) )


by mlekoshi