Walla Walla, Washington 04.07.2020

Last night my husband and I got in the car and drove toward the full (super)moon, closer to us than at any other time this year.  The fourth full moon of this year, this full moon is called the Pink Moon after wild ground phlox, one of the earliest flowers to herald the return of spring in North America.  Some call it the Paschal or Egg Moon, as it is the full moon that determines the date of Easter.  Though it looked more peachy than pink to me, I love the idea of a pink moon, a color that makes me think of kindness and compassion, of birth and rebirth.

I felt the moon's pull yesterday and was energized to work outside.  I cleaned and shoveled and turned and watered.  I planted tomato, kale, and sunflower starts.  I tucked wildflower, chamomile, lettuce, and hollyhock seeds into the dirt as the day began to fade into night.  Perhaps it is too soon, too cold for these things to be given over to the elements, but I am placing all my hope in watching something survive and thrive right now.  And what better time than when Grandmother Moon is offering a full moon bath?  

This pink full moon also felt like hope in a time of uncertainty and loss, giving everyone around the world a reason to look up and feel wonder in the midst of isolation, to remind us that there are phases and new seasons for everything. 

I hope you're doing well.  Courage.  

by mlekoshi