There is magic in the air.  Clouds and rain have returned, my long lost old friends.  As fall approaches I feel an awakening, not only of the earth (winter always feels more alive to me than summer), but in myself, entering into the darker seasons that feel more like home than any other time.  

Summer has been a productive time, however.  We transformed our back yard from a small strip of grass to almost no grass, to garden beds overflowing with tomatoes, herbs, and towering sunflowers.  The tomatoes are still giving with no end in sight.  It has also become a bird haven and tiny frog refuge, and that makes me so happy.  Just a few weeks ago, aside from the bathrooms, I finished painting the entire interior of our house.  It is a small, enclosed-feeling house, and lightening it up has made me feel like I can breathe again.  

Our boy has been in high school for a few weeks now and things are going well.  I'm so proud of his focus and dedication to his schoolwork.  My husband started a new position in the company he already worked for and is adjusting to that, learning new things, and getting to spend more time in Portland every week.  I have picked up my knitting needles again to try and continue with the little I learned last winter, and I'm thinking about some sewing projects for the winter months.  My sourdough saga ended with the loss of my starter, but I am returning to regular bread making and possibly wheat-grinding, as my sister gave me her flour mill.  

I've been trying to simplify my online presence, letting go of things I read and subscribe to that no longer feel relevant or aligned with my personal beliefs, tone, or values anymore, while increasing my book reading and creative pursuits.  What are your pursuits and interests right now?  Do you feel awakened by the darker seasons, too?
by mlekoshi