It was not long after the sun came up on Saturday that we decided to drive up into the Blue Mountains to see if the road to Jubilee Lake was open yet.  After a stop for coffee in town, we headed for the state line and the winding road up into the clouds.  We knew it would be cooler, but it was like a different world up there, just 40 minutes away.  The road to the lake was indeed closed, but we drove past the turnoff as far as we could before snow big drifts on the road, and a truck stuck in that snow, prompted us to turn around.  On the way back we pulled over at one of our favorite viewpoints and ambled down the hill you see here.    Burgeoning wildflowers and brand new green things were mesmerizing under the dark grey sky.  After several days of heat in the valley, the soft rain and cool breezes were sublime.  I always still marvel at how few people are out wandering the beautiful places here.  I can't wait to get back to some of the trails we found last year!  This landscape is slowly pulling me in.  

I've been trying to take my real camera with me more when we go places, as opposed to using my phone and not really taking the time to get the pictures I want.  I miss having remembrances of these kinds of times together here in this visual journal that I've kept for so many years now.  
by mlekoshi