slow wonder


I went for an evening walk at Bennington Lake last week.  Muddy high water was still evident, but the spring green everywhere had me in a state of wonder.  I've been on this trail around the lake enough now since moving here that I recognize particular tree friends each time now and am slowly learning the names and growth phases of various plants that live along the banks.  It's a way of honoring the land and its creatures - to learn about them, to respect them.  It's also my way of socializing (as an introvert) to consider these things my friends.  I do care for them, after all.  

Early this morning I dropped Thor off at school to go on his three-day 8th grade class trip to Seattle.  I'm really excited for him because he loves big cities and it sounds like they are going to do some fun things.  I hope he sees things that resonate with him, things that spark curiosity and wonder, things that make him ask questions.  

As much as I love my walks here, biking has been a revelation.  My husband gave me a new bike for my birthday last year, and he just bought an old bike off Craigslist, so we have been taking a lot of evening rides on the country roads that are just past our neighborhood (we live on the edge of town).  The perspective is so much better than from a car, we are moving our bodies in fresh air, and the speed is perfect for noticing things we wouldn't otherwise.  I have fallen in love with many sad little houses and tried to make friends with every roadside field of cows or fenced-in dog, I can tell you that.  

I may miss places (and some old tree friends), but I don't miss any thing or schedule we left behind.  This slow life we have chosen to live is good.  

by mlekoshi