Meet PIP.  

He came into our lives just over a month ago.  We had talked about possibly getting another dog over the past year or so, but I still felt (feel) so bound to Klaus, I didn't think there was room in my heart for another.  Klaus, you may know if you have read here over the years, was our beloved little dog who passed just before we moved.  We were blessed with his pure love for 16 years, and I truly felt he was a little soulmate.  

Sitting in a coffee shop a few Sundays back, my husband said something about Klaus, I got teary, and we both said we missed having a dog.  I commented that we hadn't looked at the shelter website for a long time, so I took out my phone and there Pip was ("Squish" was his name then).  I said, "We have to go there right now."  We drove straight there and practically ran to the back to find him; it somehow felt right even before we met him.  (It's funny how you just know.  We brought home another dog a few months back for a trial stay, and even though we tried to be optimistic, it just never felt right.) He was the tiniest little thing (just over 5 pounds), made even more adorable by having a big cone on, having just been neutered.  He was shy, but he touched noses with my husband and that was all it took.  We were already completely smitten.  Two days later, it felt like he had always been with us and we went back to the shelter to officially adopt him.  

At 9 months, he still acts like a puppy and wants to chew on everything; I have already forfeited a pair of slippers to this cause.  He likes to be chased, which is very cute but also exasperating when trying to get him ready to leave the house (we have some training to do).  He sleeps all night and curls up next to me under the covers just like Klaus did.  He chews on my earlobes and smothers us with kisses when we return home after being gone.  He's proving to be the best adventure pal, too.  He makes Thor smile, more than I have seen in a long time, and that is everything.  He has made us all smile more.  

He looked so bedraggled when we met him, his hair askew, giant ears and big black eyes peeking out over his cone - he made me think of Chaplin's Little Tramp, or a scrappy little Dickensian street/sweet thing.  So, Pip he is.  (Full name: Pip MacGregor.)  We love him so.
by mlekoshi