uncluttered lightness


Easter morning was quiet and slow.  We had an egg hunt for Thor in the back yard and then headed to the river.  We went to one of our favorite spots along the Clackamas and soaked up the beauty and solitude.  Seeing our little tech junkie get completely lost in the riverside worlds, to the point we had to call to him to go, was very heartening.  We all needed this time away from technology and our familiar daily tasks and surroundings to unclutter our minds and prepare for the week ahead, lightened and enlightened.

The past few weeks I have been working on a thorough sweep of the house, letting go of more things.  It seems like we are always doing this, but this time it's not just the little things or bags of clothes.  It's the things I always keep around just in case, or just because.  The things that just sit in the dark, that get in our way, that we never use, that we don't even especially like.  We took a pickup truck load to a donation site last weekend and are hoping for another this weekend.  I've always said that when my house is cluttered my mind feels cluttered.  Lightening up and letting go of so much stuff feels like such freedom, physically and mentally. (I also just really love a good project - up next is working on the yard, the never-ending project...)

Happy weekend!
by mlekoshi