river days


An evening last week - the Clackamas River at Barton Park.  We also went for a float down the river from McIver to Barton last Sunday.  I only took a couple of pictures, but it was one of the best floats down the river we have ever had.  We got there very early and didn't see a single other boat on the river the entire time.  Seriously, that is unheard of for this stretch of river.  It was gorgeous, sunny, chilly, sparkling, magical.  We saw so much wildlife:  A doe and fawn just coming up out of the water and disappearing into the trees, a Bald Eagle and a Golden Eagle talking to each other from adjacent trees, merganzers galore, turkey vultures, ospreys, and herons, not to mention fish.  

It was an incredible morning out there.
by mlekoshi