at last


Rain at last fell Friday night, and wind soon came as well.  What better time to visit an old favorite we've been dearly missing lately?  Silver Falls was a gold and green dream on the cusp of fall. It's so good to feel things starting to shift.  I'd like more {cool, gray} days in the woods like this, please.   


  1. I have never welcomed the rain like I have this last weekend/week - I stood outside the other night swearing I heard a collective sigh from the trees, plants and grass, or maybe it was just me :)

    beautiful pictures.

    1. Wasn't it wonderful? Though the pictures look very green, there were many ferns and other plants folded down to the ground and crispy dry moss that I'm sure were all drinking it up. Winter Falls was just a barely visible trickle. It's a blessing for all of us. :)


by mlekoshi