We took the boy to Hawaii.  He fell head over heels in love with everything about it.  

My husband and I went a few times before we got married, and then one last time when I was pregnant with Thor.  We've been to Maui and Oahu before, and we decided to take Thor to Honolulu first because he loves to walk around a city, we would not have to rent a car, and it's just kind of a fun first place to go.  I wish I had more diverse pictures to share, but I really didn't take many more than you see here.  It was rather freeing to just be, to not be carrying my camera around looking for the next shot like I'm so often doing.  We got up early most days and had breakfast in our hotel lobby (free!), then walked around for a couple of hours until shops opened or we felt like going to the beach.  We got containers of fruit, cheese, chips, etc., from the ubiquitous ABC stores for during the day, and ate out at night.  We went to the beach twice a day, usually late morning or afternoon, and then in the evening when the crowds had lessened, lots of boats were out, and the most beautiful peachy clouds appeared as the sun set.  The water was divine.  You forget, when you are used to putting on a wetsuit and still freezing even with that on (if you get in at all), how wonderful it is to swim in a warm ocean, how good it feels on your skin, how it makes you feel such a part of it somehow.  The light aqua color of the water is something I never get over, and the waves that seem to always be the perfect size.

Thor could not have been happier to be in those waves and it was truly a thrill to see his boundless energy fueled by pure bliss and effervescent joy.  We're all dreaming of another trip, this time to a less populated, more remote and wild part of Hawaii.  My husband and I would love to see a black sand beach and hike through the jungle.  Thor would like to just "live in the waves."  It all sounds good to me. 
by mlekoshi