Saturday we decided to go to the beach, thinking not too many people would be there on a bitingly cold day at the end of Thanksgiving break/beginning of shopping madness.  Just over halfway there, it began to snow.  Snowplows and a line of cars began to come from the other direction, so we decided to pull off on a side road before heading back home.  It was so magical.  An unexpected gift.  

I still just want to bake, and next up are some pumpkin pies.  Confession:  I've never made a good pumpkin pie.  I was asked to bring pumpkin pies to a Thanksgiving gathering once.  Having this history and feeling intimidated about providing pies for a large group, and this group in particular, I opted to order them and not risk taking my own failed pies to serve.  I overheard the ladies in the kitchen saying how lazy it was of me not to bring homemade pies.  I cursed myself for not at least trying, but for a few years I wanted nothing to do with pies.  However, these days I feel that failure is okay, that it's all in the effort and experience, and that now is pie o'clock.  One regular, one vegan coming up soon.  Fingers crossed!

Growing up in a vegetarian family, we never had turkey at Thanksgiving, but we always had a feast that included a turkey alternative, stuffing, yams, mashed potatoes, cranberries, my mom's homemade bread, rolls, and jams, and various vegetables such as corn and beans from my parents' garden.  Plus pies - pumpkin, apple, and pecan.  There was no shortage of deliciousness, I tell you.  It was the best.  I miss those days with my family.  It seems that we are never home on Thanksgiving, but perhaps someday we'll do it up right here at our house.  

These days spent baking and making in the kitchen, strings of lights up, Christmas music playing, really make this feel like home again.  I'm so glad we are here.

What a beautiful Thanksgiving with my little family it was.  Although we missed the loved ones were were not able to be with, we spent it with people who always make us feel welcome and part of the family.  For that, and for so very much more, I am truly thankful. 
by mlekoshi