mecca hills wilderness : painted canyon


Painted Canyon in the Mecca Hills Wilderness Area.  

We've gone to Joshua Tree the last several years, so the last day before our flight out of California we thought we'd find somewhere new to explore.  We drove down to the town of Mecca and out through orange groves, strawberry fields, and vineyards (a very strange sight in the otherwise dry landscape), and ended up on a five mile long gravel road through the Mecca Hills Wilderness where we found bright blue sky, brilliant yellow blooming palo verde trees, and gorgeous rock formations.  We went just to look around, not prepared to hike (you know - flip-flops, hip replacements, generally just feeling like taking it easy), but this is supposed to be a great place to hike up through the canyon.  Maybe next year we'll take it on!  It's gorgeous...and I so want to see what's around that bend at the trailhead...

More about Mecca Hills Wilderness here.
by mlekoshi