I'm loving these beautiful foggy cold days that melt into cozy evenings inside together with candles, cocoa, and Christmas lights.  The snow of last week helped brush aside my holiday blues.  Even though I love and anticipate the season so much, I always seem to feel a vague sorrow that I struggle to get past.  But I do get past it and once again really see the beautiful things all around me that bring so much happiness.  It's not shopping or presents or social events.  It's frost and home and twinkling lights.  It's cobwebs, my boys, and love that burns bright.  

On another note, we're well into December and I haven't watched a single Christmas movie yet.  Time to refer to my list from a couple of years ago and get started.  I think the first will be Joyeux Noël.  What are your favorites at Christmas?
by mlekoshi