salem salvia and summer squash


I was so excited to see some squash blossoms and tiny squash forming when I checked on the plants yesterday.  Yellow crookneck and zucchini squash have always done well in a certain place in our yard, which, by the way, we do nothing special to, so I planted 2 zucchini, 1 yellow squash, 1 cucumber, 1 pumpkin, 1 Jack-Be-Little, and 1 green winter squash.  As for the salvia, I love the color.  It does so well with so little attention.  What are your lowest maintenance plants - vegetables or flowers - that seem to flourish no matter what?


JG said...

Do weeds & the mint that the previous owner of our house carelessly planted in the ground count? Because those just grow and grow even when I'm trying to kill them!

Sounds like you'll have a plethora of squash! Someday I would love to visit you guys and see your place & garden...

Lori said...

Our yard was left pretty barren by the previous owners 3 yrs ago. A small strip of grass in the back. But we had a prolific mint plant in Portland so I know what you mean there!

You are welcome anytime :) Our garden is very small, we didn't get more than one box planted this year (plus what we planted around the grass periphery, which includes the squash, tomatoes, and strawberries), and the neighbor cats keeps digging up seeds I plant. Sigh. Next year I hope to do more and to combat the slugs and cats better!

Your garden is gorgeous, I am SO jealous of your lettuce especially! I actually went out and planted more seeds after seeing your pictures.

by mlekoshi