seaside/cannon rainy may day


The drive to the coast was incredibly beautiful.  While the boys slept, I turned up some Vivaldi and soaked up the amazing sights and sounds.  The curvy road of the coastal range, covered by a canopy of trees, was dark, rainy, and misty.  I loved it.  The shades of green were so beautiful.  I told my husband later I think I wouldn't even have needed to see the ocean, the forest and mist had been so nourishing on the way there.  The above are just a few of the flowers I spotted once we got out of the car. 

Once in Cannon Beach, we walked the town and got a late lunch, then headed to the beach.  The rain was letting up and the sky brightening.  Thor got soaked running through the water and digging his hands in the wet sand.  It was great seeing our boy loving it and making memories there just as we did as kids.
by mlekoshi