Sunday was spent on the banks and in the surrounding woods of Silverton Reservoir.  What a beautiful place.  It's so fun to explore somewhere new, and I have a feeling it will take us a long time to explore this whole area.  We hiked maybe a fourth of the way around the reservoir (we couldn't see the entire thing from where we were, so we're not sure!) and made our way down to the edge of the water.  My husband set up his fishing pole and Thor, Klaus, and I went adventuring through the woods.  

I know I say this about practically everywhere we go in the forest around these parts, but it is magical here.  Gorgeous thick mossy bright green woods and lots of birds and other little creatures.  We saw several beautiful garter snakes, which thankfully seemed just as afraid of us as I was of them, and even what I think was a muskrat that came up out of the water right in front of us.  We were expecting it to be cold but it was warm and wonderful.  Alive with spring.  It was sublime to lie down in the tall grass, watch the clouds and dragonflies, and just listen.
by mlekoshi