Sick all week, the 3 of us got out of the house Saturday for a drive.  We were delighted to run into snow on Crooked Finger Road past Scotts Mills.  A nice change from all the rain.  On the way back, we drove by Abiqua Creek and were just as delighted to see sun.  I love our Northwest weather.



Last weekend I went to see my sister in Walla Walla.  It was so nice to have some time with her.  Sometimes you just need to be with your family, you know?  I'm very lucky she's a drivable distance away and I'm able to see her fairly often, and even luckier when my parents are there, too, for most of spring and summer.

Sunday morning I awoke to glorious streams of sunshine coming through the cracks in the window blinds.  I threw on my coat and went outside to soak it up.  The grays and browns of Saturday had turned into brilliant blues and golds.  I'm so ready for more brightness and sunshine. 



I don't want to rush winter along too quickly.  I love its barren tree branches against its dark sky, its stormy wild ocean, and its foggy misty forest.  But this weekend of warm sun was a wonderful gift to keep us going - appreciating the present but with an eye toward warmer and different adventures, and the new life that will soon spring up.
by mlekoshi