More pictures from our trip to central Oregon.  Most of these were taken on a trail down by the Deschutes River. This is just a couple of hours away from home but is so different in topography, flora and fauna.  I am partial to Washington State, having been born and raised there...but, Oregon...the memories in beloved places with beloved people...you forever have my heart. 



We went on our yearly trip to central Oregon a week or so ago.  We once again met and stayed with my parents and sister.  This yearly event is always so looked forward to.  It really felt like fall with leaves turning and a definite nip in the air.  We walked along the Deschutes amidst Junipers and giant rocks.  We awakened to deer just outside our door.  We perused bookstores and indulged in ice cream shops in Sisters.  We went on bike rides past horse corrals and through sprinklers.  We played games and read late into the night.  We ate meal after meal of my parents' homegrown vegetables.  We made memories.  We loved. 



Gray.  Beautiful gray sky, sand, and sea Saturday.  I somehow knew that Thor would ask if we could go to the beach that morning.  He's found such joy and adventure there this summer.  Not that he hasn't before, but this year it seems he is so very taken with it and so enthusiastic about interacting with it.  The ocean, the sand, the forest, the mist - it's a magical elixir that runs through our Northwest veins. 

A dip in the water and a walk through the trees cooled and restored us last evening.  We are slowly saying goodbye to summer.
by mlekoshi