Thor paints the outside he wishes for on this rainy cold day.



....It's another rainy Friday, with a holiday weekend outlook of more.  Feeling kind of blah and unmotivated to much after several days of dark rainy weather.  I keep repeating to myself "the rain is what makes it so beautifully green here..." but really, I think we could go without for just a while.  I fear I'm seeing my tomatoes die a slow death by drowning.  I just want to sit out on the patio without a coat, to feel the warmth of the sun, to go barefoot.  I'd actually be happy just to see the sun at this point - I don't care if it's cold if I can just see the sun for a while.  I ventured away from my cozy office and space heater to take a look up close at what was happening in the back yard.

silver falls state park in may


Sunday we went to Silver Falls.  The last time we'd been there it was snowing, quite cold, and the trees were barren.  We've been longing for spring so long, it was great to see so much brilliant spring green.  I love to see my son there noticing all the birds, plants, and flowers - the sights and sounds of the woods. 

seaside/cannon rainy may day


The drive to the coast was incredibly beautiful.  While the boys slept, I turned up some Vivaldi and soaked up the amazing sights and sounds.  The curvy road of the coastal range, covered by a canopy of trees, was dark, rainy, and misty.  I loved it.  The shades of green were so beautiful.  I told my husband later I think I wouldn't even have needed to see the ocean, the forest and mist had been so nourishing on the way there.  The above are just a few of the flowers I spotted once we got out of the car. 

Once in Cannon Beach, we walked the town and got a late lunch, then headed to the beach.  The rain was letting up and the sky brightening.  Thor got soaked running through the water and digging his hands in the wet sand.  It was great seeing our boy loving it and making memories there just as we did as kids.

spring things


It's been an unexpected beautifully sunny day today.  Before picking my son up at school, I took a walk around the back yard and looked at spring things while they had sun on them, as I'm pretty sure it's going to rain all weekend.  This Western Tanager appeared this morning, a flash of yellow flying by my window.  I've never seen one here before.  It keeps reappearing, but I haven't been able to get a better picture than this one I took through a window.  Isn't he beautiful?  Made my day.

Constant soccer ball kicking by the neighbor boys against the fence has produced this gateway to the their back yard.  We don't really mind and think we're just going to leave it open because the kids love going back and forth between yards.
by mlekoshi